2017 Symposium
2017 Symposium
2017 Symposium
2017 Symposium
2017 Symposium
2017 Symposium

RU Sustainable 2018 presents:

EVENT - Sustainable and Equitable Solutions for a Healthy Future

April 25, 2018

5pm to 9pm, Rutgers Academic Building

Keynote speaker: Dr. Richard Jackson, host of PBS “Designing Healthy Communities”

Engage with students, faculty, and staff at the intersection of public health and the environment

Free (healthy) food!


5pm – Welcome
5:10pm – Introductory Remarks about Sustainability – Dean Goodman/ Dean Greenberg
5:20pm – Introduction of Keynote Speaker
5:25pm – Keynote: Dr. Jackson
5:55pm – Reactions? Questions?
6:10pm – Posters, tabling, dinner in the tent
7:00pm – Reconvene with remarks by TBA
7:05pm - Instructions to round tables by Dr. Wirtenberg and Dr. Lipoti
7:10pm - Round table discussions with faculty facilitators and student note-takers
8:15pm - Reconvene and Lightning talks from each table – Dr. Wirtenberg
8:55 pm - Dr. Lipoti - thank everyone for coming
9pm - End, have a great night.

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Sustainability is more than just recycling or conservation.  Our solutions to everything have to be sustainable-- eradicating poverty, feeding the hungry, preventing disease, educating girls, etc. At Rutgers, we have environmental experts, health experts, and policy experts, and the boundless energy and enthusiasm of students. 

Sponsored by:

Rutgers Global Health Institute
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Rutgers Business School
Sustainability Coalition
Bloustein School
Rutgers Climate Institute
Center for Urban and Environmental Sustainability
Institute of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Science
Human Ecology
Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources
Students for Environmental Awareness
Alpha Zeta
Compost Club